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Monday, March 07, 2011

Planning to Revive This Blog Again

I was planing to create a new blog for my random thoughts and other stuff that might cross my mind. But then it would be one more blog to manage. So I decided to revive this blog. . my very first blog. As I always say, Here I Go Again.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Me and my Cell phone

In the past two months I happen to have three new different cell phones that are all "smart phones". Yes, I know you’re thinking that maybe I'm a cell phone freak or one of those guys that change their units every time there is a new model in the market. Well I’m not. (Although I can name a few guys that I know who belong in that category). In fact, for the last three years, I have only used one cell phone, my trusty XDA II which was given to me by Smart for my retention plan. Coincidentally after a few months three years ago Globe also gave me exactly the same unit, an XDA II. The unit that Globe gave me however was used officially by the company that I work with; therefore there are limitations as to the use of that unit. I cannot install programs or personalized the unit as much as I wanted. Hence I did not use it as a phone or anything else but for official use only which is primarily for my daily coverage. My doctor clients affix their signatures in that unit as proof of my visit to them. That XDA II stays mainly in my detailing bag which usually is left in the trunk of my car. Three years have passed and now Smart is giving me a new phone, a Nokia 6288. They do not have a smart phone anymore in the plan that I subscribed and I don't want to shell out cash to upgrade to a higher model. I wanted a freebie. So being "allergic" to Nokia ( I don't use nor purchase a Nokia for personal use), I disposed the unit immediately, I gave it to my 12 year old daughter who eventually swap it with a Samsung unit from my brother in law. I ended up using the same unit that I've been using for more than three years, my trusty XDA II. It’s a windows base pocket pc phone. I really liked that phone. In fact I'm still using it up to now not as a cell phone anymore but for its PDA functions and for all the programs/applications that I installed in it. Everything is in it, a few dictionaries, several encyclopedias, a bible, star maps, world almanac, movie database, games etc. You can make your child's homework using it as reference. I log all my income from my small business in it. I do a lot of things in it except use it as a car. However times change and technology changes much faster. If I were to follow Moores Law, I should have changed unit almost two years ago. But I'm not a cell phone freak. If it still works for me then ill still use it. Eventually I was out shopping for a new unit. My primary specifications are: 1. It should still be a smart phone. 2. It should have a qwerty keyboards (its a waste of time pushing three times just to get letter "C" in most cell phones). 3. It should have a touchscreen. 4. It should have at least 3g. (I do not yet at the moment have much use for HSDPA or 3.5g). 5. It would be nice to have a camera in the front which would be great for video calls. 6. It should be smaller because the XDA II is really a big brick. 7. It should have expandable memory. 8. It should not be a Nokia. I did not even consider the mega pixel of the main camera because I do have a digicam. It reminds me of a friend who when he or she (I can't remember who) saw my new cellp hone. The first thing he or she asked was how many mega pixels are there in that cell phone? . . . . . Bummer. I feel like answering, Duh? This IS a cell phone and not a camera. If I where holding a Sony T200 it would have been a relevant question but I was not. I was holding a SonyEriccson P1i. The first cell phone I bought FOR MYSELF after three long years. The relevant question would have been, hey is that 3g capable? Or hey, why is the keypad of that phone different? (Because it has full qwerty keypads). Anyway, all of the above criteria I listed down were in the SE P1i. I really liked that phone. It took me several hours days and nights just to search for that phone. Thanks to Google I found the phone that I was looking for. Time to go shopping. I bought it for almost a months salary worth. I told myself, well it’s not everyday or every year that I buy a new phone for myself. So the purchase was somehow justified. There are some bugs and stuff that some people would not like about the phone but hey I'm patient with my gadgets. It took me sometime to get used to it since it was a symbian based phone. Maybe ill make a full review of the phone sometime soon. After I think more that a month and a half the guy from the Management System Information Group (MSIG) of our office called me up and told me that Globe would be replacing our XDAs with a Dopod 838 Pro. Whoah! A Dopod? I almost bought the same unit if only it was much cheaper. . If only I've known that they would replace our old XDAs then I would not have purchased the SE P1i. What a waste of money for me. Mmmm. Anyway the Dopod is a perfect phone for me. It has all the stuff that I wanted plus more. The only big problem is that the company once again locked the phone so that you could not install any applications or programs in it other that what was installed by the MSIG group and the built in programs and software that came with the unit. In fact, some of the programs that are built in are disabled like the file explorer, zip and some other programs. Haaay naku! It’s like driving a Ferrari and having a speed limit of only 60 kmh. Anyway I immediately used it since it’s a "Ferrari" and set aside my SE P1i. A perfect phone indeed. I found out that you can actually personalize it a bit like I changed the themes, system tones using Sounz Cool program and a few tweaking here and there. I really like the slideout qwerty keyboards. (another full review soon?) in fact this blog was written using the Dopod while lying down in bed at 3 am in another insomnia attack. The phone became my primary phone until last week when I saw a colleague waiving an iPhone at me. Yes, the "Jesus Phone" as they call it is here. It’s cracked so that I can use my Globe sim in it. Just a few hours after meeting the Jesus Phone in person, I bought one. It’s a few thousand more expensive than the P1i but hey, this is THE iPhone. The phone that the almighty Steve Jobs is boasting about. The all in one wonder or as Mr. Jobs describes it, a revolutionary phone, a widescreen ipod and a breakthrough internet device, just search for it in YouTube and you’ll be amazed by Mr. Jobs charismatic (as usual) introduction of the Iphone. Now now, its time to see if this is really "THE" cellphone or is it just one of Apples hyped up product. Two week's use and I have already come up with a conclusion about this product. . . . . . . . . . The sun is up now. I need to get up and go to work (Ywan). Ill blog about the iPhone on my next insomnia attack. I do hope it won't be soon coz I'm really stressed and needs rest. . . . Huhaaaa!!!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

My First Blog

After reading a few tech magazines and some stuff on the internet, I thought, Oh Well, I might as well start with this Blogging thing.
I actually opened an account for blogging more than two years ago, sometime on a boring, nothing to do but waste time November 2004. I never really wrote anything on it and assumed that my account had been deleted because I haven't opened it ever since that night.
I always thought that blogging is like writing a diary much like Doogie Howser. Everybody can read it out loud. I'm a very private person and I do not want people to know what the hell I am thinking. Much like my Friendster account with very minimal(only one as of the moment) picture of me uploaded. However, lately, I always have a lot of things going on in my mind that sometimes my insomnia gets triggered by it. So, I thought, what if I write some of it down and see what happens. Well, this is the beginning of my blogging days. I just hope that it will not be like the stationary bike that I bought which I used for only a week and is now begging to be used once more.

Ewan lang. Ü